Let us explore how easy it is to install SQL Server 2017 on macOS by using Docker. Let me prove to you how easy it is to install SQL Server 2017 on macOS by prohibiting myself from using the command line. We will use Docker and Kitematic.

The first step is to install Docker, once you have finished that step we need to increase the memory. SQL Server 2017 needs at least 2 GB of RAM (3.25 GB prior to 2017-CU2).

Increasing memory of Docker

To be in the clear and to avoid having issues increase the memory to something like 4 GB, although the default value of 2 GB should be sufficient.

Step 2 is to pull and install the Docker Image.
Pulling the Docker image is something we can do by using Kitematic. When you click on the Docker icon in the menu bar you should see Kitematic, click on it and it should download the Kitematic app.

Click on New next to Containers in the left hand corner and search for microsoft/mssql-for-linux and click on create.

Pulling docker image using Kitematic

After that the image should start to download:

Downloading image
You need to accept the EULA

The output window is not accepting user input so we need to put some environment flags in place. Set the following environment variables:

SA_PASSWORD = Passw0rd!

MSSQL_PID = Developer

Setting environment variables

click on save and hit back to the Home tab.

Adjusting port number to 1433

Step 4 Profit!

You are finished, nothing else to do. It is even easier than installing the default windows version.

Step 5 Connect to your database