Installing prerequisites

Microsoft made it very easy to get started. We need 2 prerequisites to get it up and running. Download the following installers:

Installing .NET Core


Click 'Continue'

Destination select

Select your preferred Hard Drive  

Installation type

Click 'Install'


Enter your password


Installing Visual Studio for mac

Click on the big circle

Accept warning "application downloaded from the internet"

Click "Open"

Thank you for downloading Visual Studio

Press "Continue"

Some features require Xcode

These features are related to Xamarin and building iOS apps. You can  safely skip this. If you do need them you can rerun the installer and  select them afterwards.  

What would you like to install

We only need Visual Studio and the tools. I already installed Android and iOS on my machine.  

Downloading and installing...

Enter your credentials  

Installation successful

Getting started

Start Visual Studio for mac

Click the purple "New Project..." button underneath Recent.

Choose a template for your new project

Select .NET Core followed by the project type you prefer. In this example "ASP.NET Core Web App"  

Configure your new ASP.NET Core Web App

Start the application

Just press the 'Play' button next to Debug at the top left.

Watch the result in your browser